My Ebay page will be up within a weeks time, I have to get around to taking pictures of stuff to sell, but ya know my new phone’s camera sucks and i dont have a digital one.Thats what i get for relying on my damn phone..

Finally Off today..

Finally off today it doesnt even feel like I deserve it. Im tired but im still working, but on things I actually enjoy to do. I have all my blogs and websites set up for my side business. I have to keep promises and keep my head up. Find my way again, back to myself. I cant keep people waiting….

And there she was again, red hair and all. Country girl of mine I’ve grown to love, and to fall.

— The Nerd


My pops taking me over to his mom’s house so she could watch me and my sister, id always be i the back yard fuckin around with the dog and the neighbor’s cat while she’d be inside always crying for mom to pick us up.

"So I’m new to this…"

        Yeah, that’s what pretty much 4 million other folks said when they started a Tumblr. I don’t even really know where to start or how I am going to shape it. I am a 30 male looking to reshape my life someway, somehow, in some spectacular fashion. How am I going to do that? I really don’t know, but it will be fun to even figure it out wouldn’t it? We all arrive at that point in time where I believe it time to start shaping the world around us to what we see it as, I guess most people call that Adulthood, but some some of us are late bloomers. I am one of those, but hey 30 is the new 20 isn’t it? Maybe I’m just fooling myself but I’m going to blog it every step of the way, no matter how crazy it gets.

        Moving on, I am a Street Poet, a Thinker, A Techie. I want to move in the direction of my own business. I am currently a Store Manager. Its okay money, but I feel that I am better off doing my own thing instead of working for someone else. That sad part is, I don’t have the paper. Yeah the degree this country is looking for more and more every day to let people in to jobs. In all honesty, I don’t see other countries looking for it as much as we do. Yes I do understand that our education system sucks and we have to make up for it some how, but wouldn’t that entail re-inventing the system? Well big ol’ rant. Ill stop. interested in keeping up with me? Follow me. If not eh there is always tomorrow. This blog is me, who and What I am and do. You’ve only just scratched the surface!